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Hard alloy coatings produced by electric contact explosions

Russian Engineering Research(Scopus, Q3, IF=0,432), 2017, Volume 37, Issue 10, Pages 874-876

Abstract. The application of hard alloy coatings by means of electrical contact explosions is considered. This method may be used to strengthen heat-treated multicutter tools.

Keywords. coatings; hard alloys; tools; current pulses; electric contact explosions 

Microstructure of Hard alloy coating

Исполнители: S.V. Novikov, E.V. Kuznetsova, I.S. Gershman

Дата публикации: 16-11-2017

Источник: https://link.springer.com/article/10.3103%2FS1068798X1710015X

Effect of drying methods of Al2O3-GO powder mixture on the properties and microstructure of sintered composites obtained by spark plasma sintering

MATEC Web of Conferences(WoS), 2017, Volume 129, Article Number 02027

Abstract. Well-dispersed alumina ceramic-graphene oxide (GO) powder mixtures were fabricated using a colloidal processing route and three drying techniques were applied: in vacuum, spray and freeze dryers. Dense composites were obtained via spark plasma sintering, the technique reducing GO to graphene in situ during the sintering process. The mechanical properties of the sintered composites were investigated. The composites obtained by spray drying have shown the fracture toughness of 4.5 ± 0.4 MPa·m1/2, and hardness of 18.4 ± 0.8 GPa with an extremely high dispersion of graphene within the ceramic matrix.

SEM images of Al203-GO powder mixtures obtained by spray (a) freeze (b) and vacuum (b) drying

Исполнители: P. Fokin, P. Peretyagin, A. Smirnov

Дата публикации: 07-11-2017

Источник: https://www.matec-conferences.org/articles/matecconf/abs/2017/43/matecconf_icmtmte2017_02027/matecconf_icmtmte2017_02027.html

Comparative studies on mechanical properties of WC-Co composites sintered by SPS and conventional techniques

MATEC Web of Conferences(WoS), 2017, Volume 129, Article Number 02028

Abstract. Spark plasma sintering (SPS) is an extremely fast solidification technique for compounds that are difficult to sinter within the material group metals, ceramics, or composites thereof, SPS uses a uniaxial pressure and a very rapid heating cycle to consolidate these materials. With SPS the main benefit is the ability to control the WC grain size due to the short sintering times at high temperature. Additionally, its allows to avoid negative reactions between WC and cobalt and to minimize the formation of undesirable phases in sintered composites. The WC-6wt.% Co cermet prepared by SPS processing achieves the enhanced mechanical properties with the hardness of 18.3 GPa and the fracture toughness of 15.5 MPa·m1/2 in comparison to standard reference tungsten carbide/cobalt material.

SEM images of polished and thermally etched sections of SPS sintered (1300°C/10min/80MPa) WC-6% Co cermet. Light grey phase is carbide particles.

Исполнители: Y. Pristinskiy, N. Peretyagin, W. Solis

Дата публикации: 07-11-2017

Источник: https://www.matec-conferences.org/articles/matecconf/abs/2017/43/matecconf_icmtmte2017_02028/matecconf_icmtmte2017_02028.html