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Composite nanomaterials based on copper to replace silver in electrical contacts

Mechanics & Industry. Volume 17, Number 7, 2016. WoS

Abstract The article considers the substitution of silver in interrupting electrical contacts by a non-precious metal on the basis of copper. Technical specifications for the material capable of replacing silver are formulated, including high softening temperature and weak adhesion of oxides to the base metal. As a result, a composite nanomaterial on the basis of copper is offered to substitute silver. Microstructure, mechanical, thermî-mechanical, physical properties of the nanocomposite was studied. Changes of contact resistance during the formation of oxides on the surfaces of copper, silver, and the nanocomposite was studied, as well as losses of volume when exposing these materials to an electric arc. The prospects of substituting silver by the nanocomposite on the basis of copper were proven by the results of comparative bench testing of materials.

Key words: Electrical contacts / silver / copper nanocomposite / properties / electric arc / wear / contact resistance

Subgrain structure of the nanocomposite Cu-Al2O3.

Исполнители: Iosif S. Gershman, Eugeniy I. Gershman and Pavel Yu. Peretyagin

Дата публикации: 30-11-2016

Источник: https://www.mechanics-industry.org/articles/meca/abs/2016/07/mi160249/mi160249.html

Specifics of Wear of Ceramic Cutting Tool Inserts Featuring Al2O3-TiC Dies when Face Milling Hardened Cast Iron

Materials Science Forum 876, 43-49

Abstract. This work studies wear kinetics of index able inserts (II) made of mixed ceramics based on Russian-manufactured Al O TiC 2 3 in case of fine milling of special hardened low-alloy cast iron. In a broad band of cutting factor typical for fine milling, an impact of tool insert wearing parameters on quality and quantitative value of the cutting process have been studied. Morphological traits and wear process pattern of work surfaces has been studied using optical and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Criteria of II states, as well as specifics of contact work surface transformation, correlating with force parameters of the face milling process, have been determined.

Keywords: face milling, ceramic tool inserts, wear-resistant hardened cast iron, wearing process, cutting force component.

Level of wear of VOK-200 ceramic insert as time passes

Исполнители: R Torrecillas San Millan, AE Seleznev, VD Gurin, PY Peretyagin

Дата публикации: 15-11-2016

Источник: http://dx.doi.org/10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.876.43

Black Zirconia-Graphene Nanocomposite Produced by Spark Plasma Sintering

Mechanics, Resource and Diagnostics of Materials and Structures (AIP Conf. Proc. 1785)

Abstract. In this work, 3Y-TZP/graphene composites are prepared by Spark Plasma Sintering of zirconia-graphene oxide mixtures. Simultaneous sintering and in-situ reduction of graphene oxide opens a very interesting technological route for preparing this type of materials. The influence of graphene content on the electrical, mechanical and optical properties is studied. Graphene content as low as 0.29 vol% allows obtaining nanostructured black zirconia, but it has to be increased up to 1 vol% in order to reach electrical resistivity <100 Ω cm, as it is required for electro discharge machining.


Microstructures of ZrO2-(0.29 wt%)GO and ZrO2-(0.39 wt%)GO composites.

Исполнители: NW Solis, P Peretyagin, A Seleznev, R Torrecillas, José Serafín Moya

Дата публикации: 15-11-2016

Источник: http://www.lecast.org/achievements