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Wear Behavior of Graphene-Reinforced Alumina–Silicon Carbide Whisker Nanocomposite

Nanomaterials(WoS, Q1, IF=3,504), 2019, Volume 9, Issue 2


Abstract. In the present work, the tribological properties of graphene-reinforced Al2O3-SiCw ceramic nanocomposites fabricated by spark plasma sintering were studied against alumina ball. Compared with pure ceramic, the wear resistance of these nanocomposites was approximately two times higher regardless of the applied load. It was confirmed by Raman spectroscopy that the main factor for the improvement of the wear resistance of the Al2O3-SiCw/Graphene materials was related to the formation of protecting tribolayer on worn surfaces, which leads to enough lubrication to reduce both the friction coefficient, and wear rate

Keywords. wear-resistance; friction coefficient; ceramic nanocomposites; graphene.

Friction coefficient as a function of the sliding distance registered during the wear test for both materials when worn against the alumina ball (A). Raman spectrum for worn surface of counterpart (Al2O3 ball), which shows transferred graphene (“D”, “G”, and “2D”) from the nanocomposites (B). “■” label denotes the alumina peak.

Исполнители: Anton Smirnov, Pavel Peretyagin, Nestor Washington Solís Pinargote, Iosif Gershman, Jose F. Bartolomé

Дата публикации: 25-01-2019

Источник: https://www.mdpi.com/2079-4991/9/2/151/htm